Shareppy works at home

Due to the situation the world is going through and the challenges that Covid-19 has unleashed, the National Government, headed by President Ivan Duque Marquez, decreed mandatory isolation for the entire country. This measure initially runs until 11 May.

At Shareppy we abide by the measures and strive for the well-being and preservation to the health of our work team, clients and other relevant public. For this reason, since Saturday 21 March we are carrying out our work in remote working mode from home. This decision was made in order to comply with the preventive measures imposed by the local and national government; and to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of our services.

During the time we work at home we will fulfill our responsibilities, and also take care of ourselves and our family. As Shareppy is committed to preventing and preventing the spread of the virus, we take the recommended measures even from home. The constant washing and disinfection of our hands and work spaces are fundamental to preserve our health, as well as the active pauses that are carried out even from home.

The team continues to work from home, taking care of themselves, their families and fulfilling their commitment.

During this time of isolation, all virtual and telephone contact networks will be enabled to meet the requirements of our clients in the agreed working ours.

In Shareppy we stay at home and work with the peace of mind to take care of ourselves and society. We invite all people to take preventive measures to overcome this situation as soon as possible.