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12 Year serving solidarity and financial sector companies

Made in Colombia

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Free Zone Santander

Some history

Shareppy is a Colombian software development company specialized in the financial sector, focused on the credit union and banking market.


Perfectly adapted to the needs of each entity


Installed on smart mobile devices


Our systems can be integrated with your banking core


Robust and reliable solutions

Breathing and dreaming the world of technology

One of our principles, as a development team, we know that there is no ceiling on creativity and ingenuity to build new software solutions.

Automates banking processes

Makes registration or registration of new costumers or products more flexible

Creates a sophisticated environment to make transactions

Our philosophy

To build specialized technological tools for the financial sector, that offer a new and better experience of use for companies and people who access these services.

Integration with banking core

Safety first

Modern user experience

Our talent and experience

At the service of the financial sector. 12 years building solutions for the banking and solidarity sector make us their best ally.

Integration with banking core 89%0%

Consolidated team 95%0%

Experience in the sector 98%0%

The financial sector in good hands

We work with the required quality, thinking about the innovation that technology and the heading in which we move.

Talent and technology

We work daily to help banks and the cooperative sector meet the needs of their clients, bringing them closer to them thanks to technology.



of our modules with customer systems


Clients served

Coverage at national level.

Our news


Keep up to date with events, news and a lot of technology for the financial sector.

Our Customers


Our best reference, the entities of the sector that we have attended and that enjoy the use of our solutions and our service.