Colombia Fintech announces the arrival of Shareppy International

Shareppy International drew the attention of Colombia Fintech by the start of its operations and its association to this platform.

Colombia Fintech is the association of Fintech companies in Colombia, understanding these as those that apply thechnology to financial and investment activities. These include companies that provide financial solutions for companies (software development of accounting, billing and financial management).

​In Colombia Fintech there are more than 120 partner and affiliate companies, in this space are constantly released the most important news of the country’s fintech sector. This is why it is a great achievement that Shareppy International is part of this association and was a news item of interest to the platform; it published on January 17, 2020 “We celebrate the arrival of Shareppy International to Colombia Fintech” This is not only announced the entrance of Shareppy International, but also made visible its action within the fintech sector.

This information was not only shared on its website, but also Colombia Fintech made a publication on its social networks, where it celebrated with its followers the arrival of Shareppy International to the association.