Shareppy International is already in Colombia.

Shareppy International was born with the objective of expanding the vision and services of a company already consolidated, like Shareppy S.A.S., to a wider market, thinking of covering part of Latin America. On January 21, 2020 the Shareppy international team began, working in Zona Franca Santander, one of the most important free zones in the county and with all the physical and technological resources that will allow us to continue providing high-quality services and to think about constant growth.

The trust our clients have placed in us has led us to make the decision to continue growing. At Shareppy International, a team of 20 professionals works constantly to ensure that the services offered are always of the highest quality.

The consolidation of Shareppy International has also allowed us to think about more services and solutions for our clients in the financial sector. That is why together with the new office, we are adapting the space for the datacenter, a service that we will provide from this year 2020.

At Shareppy International we remain committed to optimizing our clients’ processes and living the world of technology on a daily basis to continue being a strategic ally they can rely on.